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MW CORPORATION means product innovation, technical competence and internationalization for over a century, the foundations of a success story and a future of excellence in the field of industrial filtration. We believe that this immense wealth of knowledge and values ​​is a solid springboard for projecting the MW group towards international leadership. Massive investments in human, technological and productive capital; the constant search for increasingly high-performance products, combined with continuous attention to the customer, will allow us to further consolidate the role of MW as a reference partner for the filtration of liquids serving the industry and the environment that must and in the world in particular. can coexist.

MW CORPORATION was founded with the aim of selling, distribution and production of 4 divisions: MAXTEC, crushing and mobile screening complementary to the production of Matec WM WASHING aggregates washing plants to offer full cycle packages to the customer.
The G&B line that continues the historical work of Matec Corporation, with regard to cloths and filtering fabrics, spare parts, pumps for all filter press brands. CHIMETC, new division specializing in water treatment products, anti-algae, flocculants and anti-foam products, together with the new line for the treatment of stones.

Maxtec Machine
Logo Maxtec

MAXTEC was born after years of experience in the aggregates sector and many CUBE mobile systems installed all over the world, working closely with our dealers and customers, with the aim of providing high quality, personalized products with excellent services. MAXTEC offers a range of mobile tracked plants for the treatment of aggregate materials from quarrying, demolition and recycling, consisting of jaw crushers, impact crushers, roughing screens and accessories. MAXTEC is the ideal solution to the continuous restrictions of mining concessions and to the progressive exploitation of the quarries, guaranteeing productions and the granulometry comparable to those of traditional fixed processing plants.

WM Machine
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WM produces AGGRETEC, a rapid installation machine in the aggregates, recycling, reclamation and mining sectors . The system is efficiently mobile and ideal for working on construction and demolition sites, AGGRETEC proves to be equally effective in applications with raw materials.

G&B Machine
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G&B Enterprises S.r.l. is the fruit of a long experience and a constant presence of its founders in the field of wastewater treatments and the filtration of processing sludge.
What makes G&B Enterprises unique is its exclusive specialization in assistance for all types of purification and filtration systems with no limits related to the brand or industry in question.

In fact, even though G&B Enterprises was born and located in the main industrial area of Tosco-Apuana, which is the stone business, it has succeeded in confirming itself as one of the most important suppliers not only for stone operators but for all companies that carry out production activities and processes which require solutions, assistance and components for their waste water and sludge treatment plants.
Aggregates, glass, ceramics and wood are some of the main industrial sectors that benefit from G&B services.

Prodotti Chimtec
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Given the experience over ten years in the stone industry, MATEC leader in purification plants has given life to CHIMTEC able to supply products for the stone industry, PROTECTIVE, ANTI-STAIN and REVIVATING products. In addition to special products, such as ANTICANTS and DERUGGINANTS. In addition, for the stone industry we have a wide range of machinery cleaning products.

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